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Focus On Your Sport

Focus On Your Sport has developed the FOYS Padel Application. One platform to connect players, unburden employees and use for marketing and communication purposes. We build mobile and web applications and help sports organisations make the most of their data. We streamline the engagement and administration between sports organisations and players, so you can Focus On Your Sport.

Our mission

We started FOYS padel when we (as active padel players) noticed that padel organisations often lack direct engagement with players, have ICT legacy, and struggle to show added value to players. Padel organisations find it hard to build communities and are often using a combination of not-connected and old-fashioned digital tools, or standard solutions which do not allow data ownership.

Our vision

To be the #1 padel tool that integrates all key functions to organise padel. Functions which are not generic but padel-specific, and a white-label platform that's ready for the future. By all this, we create super professionals, a better padel experience for players and padel organisations who can leverage their own platform and data.

Our approach

To work closely with padel organisations to help their processes and to ensure that our product is best suited for their needs and contains the vital info for the player. We bring the organisation together with their players to go on a journey for the future development of their platform. Finally, we believe it’s crucial that our customer service is highly responsive and available at ‘volunteer hours’.

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