Keep all player and organisation administration up to date and centrally managed. 


FOYS padel offers its customers a modern system to keep the administration of players and organisations up to date. With central management, all data is in one system, so that employees spend less time with administration. In this way everyone, from player to club and organisational level, can focus on what really matters; the sport.

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Manage all necessary information from organisations and other relations. Link persons to organisations, send invoices, create court reservations and manage communication preferences.


In FOYS padel it is possible to register membership plans per person. These membership plans can give players discounts or other benefits when booking a court.

GDPR proof

FOYS padel has a single-source-of-truth and GDPR compliant database with all relevant information and memberships. FOYS padel fully complies with the latest GDPR standards.


Are you interested in what FOYS can offer your club? We would love to better understand your situation and needs, and demonstrate our solution as well as present showcases. 
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