Court booking

FOYS padel has created a reservation system which provides players much more than just an easy booking tool.

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Custom pricing

FOYS padel provides you with the possibility to easily define prices per day, time, court and location in order to charge extra for peak hours and provide discounts for non-peak hours.


When creating a reservation, players can decide to only pay their part and invite other players to join the reservation and pay their part. Invitation urls can be shared on all types of platforms.

Loyalty and community

In FOYS padel you can create loyalty paths with different stages. For each reservation completed, a player receives a point. For each stage completed, the player can be rewarded with e.g. discounts.

Memberships and discounts

Define membership plans and discount rules which can be linked to players. Discounts can be set per day, time, court and location and can be limited in their usage in both total amounts used, as the period of validation.

Multiple court booking

Allow players to create reservations with multiple courts. Groups of friends or colleagues can easily search for the availability of multiple courts and book extras such as materials or beverages.

Fixed period booking

Players who wish to be sure of their spot for a longer period of time can create fixed period bookings. Define the period(s) of time that can be reserved and charge extra costs or discounts.

Credit system

Convert cancellations into credits so they can be used to create a new reservation. Also, create credit packages where you can offer credits to players at a discount.

Access management

Allow automation for access management, light control and materials. When booking, players receive a pincode which allows them to open the gates, turn on the lights and open lockers for material.


Are you interested in what FOYS can offer your club? We would love to better understand your situation and needs, and demonstrate our solution as well as present showcases. 
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